Transforming transportation, addressing climate

The CLEETS Global Center objectives will be achieved through research in three thematic thrusts — clean and equitable transportation; transport energy and infrastructure; and climate change — with cross-cutting analyses of common challenges to achieve a just energy transition, inform policy development, provide workforce development and education opportunities, engage communities, and address environmental justice issues.

The CLEETS Research Plan

The main thrusts

Clean and Equitable Transportation

Including travel demand management and CECV adoption; user behavior-aware optimal and equitable fleet operations; and developing emission trajectories and future emission projections

Transport Energy Infrastructure

Including transport decarbonization coupled with electrical systems; hydrogen-based decarbonization; and developing a regional circular economy

Climate Change

Including climate simulations of meteorology and air quality; clean transport vulnerability assessments; and preparing road infrastructure so CECVs avoid road hazards

Crosscut thrusts

  • Decision support tools for EJ/CJ
  • Public health and economic impact of decarbonization pathways
  • Data and cyber security
  • Governance and policy


  • Environmental justice
  • Community
  • Education
  • Just energy transitions
  • New policies